SNAP measurement systems are large-field-of-view, full function digital measuring machine designed to measure small, intricate parts right on the manufacturing floor
StarLite Semi-auto Systems are the world's simplest precision measurement systems combining versatile zoom optics with a digital colour camera and easy to operate stages
Spark is a high performance, semi-automatic measurements system for manufacturing quality control Spark excels at measuring fine features and provides complete part measurements using advanced optics and illumination
SprintMVP systems are fully automatic with Measure-X software designed for fast, accurate and repeatable automatic measurements
SparkMVP systems combine compact and reliable measurement platforms with a high resolution fixed lens optical system to provide the precision needed for measurement of very small parts and features
SmartScope Flash CNC systems are the best choice in automatic general purpose dimensional measurement A high quality, 12:1 zoom lens calibrates itself at every magnification change for consistent measurement accuracy Every Flash CNC model is multisensor capable With options like these available, the SmartScope Flash should be your choice for metrology measurement
SmartScope ZIP builds upon its strength as an international favorite in video measurement by offering a range of product lines The Lite models provide ZIP benefits in value configurations
SmartScope Vantage systems, offer superior performance with the most advanced optical system available
All ZIP models excel at video measurement and multisensor versatility for highest productivity Available contact and non-contact probes deploy and retract under program control for fully automatic operation All models of SmartScope ZIP accommodate parts and fixtures of many sizes
The Advance models are specially configured for the toughest imaging applications ZIP Advance systems offer superior image sharpness, high-speed zooming, and large FOV capability for reduced measuring program run time Recommended for use with TTL Laser, providing outstanding laser performance
The SmartScope ATS offers high load capacity hydrostatic air bearings riding on precision lapped granite guide members to support heavy parts with large XY travel A heavy duty granite base provides a low center of mass and high stabilit
SmartScope Apex Micro is a fixed-optics system featuring a digital camera with digital zoom The digital zoom offers multiple magnifications, and a wide range of long working distance fixed optical objectives are available

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