Laser options for OGP® SmartScope® measurement systems provide non-contact scanning and high accuracy focus points as part of multisensor measurement routines. OGP offers a number of laser options for its multisensor measurement systems

TTL Laser
Rainbow Probe

By using a scanning probe or by single point probing with a touch trigger probe on select OGP® SmartScope® video and multisensor measuring systems, you can access features that are difficult for video measurement, or beyond the range of other sensors. Scanning provides data on simple and complex surface contours.

Touch Trigger Probe
Scanning Probe
Feather Probe™

Use OGP® rotary indexers to automatically rotate parts to bring hidden features for access by selected sensors, for complete part characterization.

Rotary Indexer MTR
Rotary Indexer MSR
Rotary Indexer HDR

OGP offers SmartRing Light Illuminators to help you measure difficult imaging parts with ease.

SmartRing Light Illuminators

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