Handling sets of measured data at a time, MeasureFit Plus quickly identifies potential assembly issues
SmartFeature lets you run parts of a MeasureMind 3D routine by simply clicking with your mouse SmartFeature then runs only these features, automatically setting datums if required Your original MeasureMind 3D routine is unchanged
SmartFit® 3D by Kotem Technologies is a fast, accurate, and reliable 2D 3D best-fitting and analysis software package to solve misalignment and location problems It works with collected data from virtually any contact or non-contact inspection source
SmartProfile® takes point clouds of data from part measurements performed on any measurement system, merges that data with the nominal CAD model of the part with GD&T tolerances, and automatically performs results evaluation while fully complying to chosen tolerancing standards
QC-Calc TM is a fully automatic Statistical Process Control(SPC) program that collects, analyzes, and reports inspection data from MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor, Measure-X®, and eChek TM
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