OGS staff and agents given training on the New QVI ZONE3 software  
11 November – From 26 -30 October 2015, OGS staff and agents were given intensive training on the new QVI ZONE3 metrology software.
ZONE3 is a powerful, CAD-enabled, 3D metrology software application. With it, you can use a combination of the latest optical, laser, and touch probe technologies to measure parts quickly and accurately.
ZONE3 features a full set of image processing tools, geometric functions, ANSI/ISO tolerancing (including GD&T), and a robust graphical reporting engine.
The intuitive graphical user interface offers a real-time video display, an interactive model of the part under analysis, and the presentation of measurement results, all of which are updated dynamically.
ZONE3 supports the import of CAD files in several popular formats to significantly reduce the time it takes to enter dimensions and build part routines. 
Graduation certificates for completion of the ZONE3 training.

Attentive participants at OGS special training room

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