OGP® SmartScope®Vantage MultiSensor System


       Vantage 250                                      Vantage 450

SmartScope Vantage systems (Vantage 250, 300, 450 and 650) offer superior performance with the most
advanced optical system available.
• TeleStar parfocal zoom optical system with 10:1 zoom lens and 1x front lens (100% telecentric system). Exclusive
AccuCentric auto calibrating optics throughout zoom range.  Nominal optical magnification range is from 0.8x to
• High resolution black & white camera.
• All models have 8 sector / 6 ring SmartRing Light with green LED's, green LED surface light, and green LED
backlight.  Illumination power supply provides programmable on-off status and brightness for each light source
• 68 mm working distance with standard configuration
• Bench top models feature measuring stage mounted on a heavy-duty, rigid base with centered Y axis drive. Floor
models are a bridge type with granite support structure and granite support columns.  All models have worktables
with fixturing holes.
• 0.1 µm resolution X, Y, and Z scales
• Precision mechanical bearing XYZ stage with DC servo motor drives and three axis multi-function hand controller.
• High speed, liquid cooled, linear motor drives for XY axis on Vantage 650
• MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor measurement software. Includes line-trace, 3-D edge finder, autofocus, global
editor, feature finder, weak edge point and video toolbox for general purpose dimensional measurement. Powerful
graphical user interface with icon-driven toolbox for access to measurement functions. Computer generated,
calibrated targets for accurate alignment of features and edges to the optical centerline. Image storage, overlay
and comparison capability. Reference images can be stored on hard drive and superimposed over live images for
easy comparison. Exclusive self-optimizing edge analysis provides full FOV measurements. Algorithms
automatically optimized based on unique characteristics of each edge, improving accuracy and providing
unsurpassed weak edge performance.
• Includes operation manual, on-line help functions, and international warranty

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