QVI® StarLite Semi-Auto System

        QVI StarLite 150                                   QVI StarLite 200-300                                                       

StarLite Semi-Auto systems offer low cost benchtop solutions for video measurements in a semi-automatic mode. It is the world’s simplest precision measurement system combining versatile zoom optics with a digital color camera and are easy to operate.

StarLite Systems Features:
  • Precision mechanical bearing stages with 1.0 micron scales
  • Standard LED backlight, surface light and multi-sector ring light
  • Full function Measure-X® - the world's most popular metrology software

StarLite 150
StarLite 150 is a compact, 3-axis semi-automatic measuring system that is reliable, accurate and easy to use. Built on a rigid cast metal base and column, StarLite 150 provides solid, repeatable performance, even in harsh shop conditions.
StarLite 200-300 
StarLite 200-300 models take semi-automatic performance to the next level with solid granite bases for rigid, stable 3-axis measuring capability. Precision ball-slide stages with ergonomic controls make operation easy.

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