MTL 500 Ergon S
MTL 850 Ergon S
MTL1250 Ergon S

The VICIVISION MTL 500/850/1250 Ergon S series is designed for higher resolution measurement of cylindrical elements of large sizes, and permits the precise and objective quality control directly in the production phase.

MTL Ergon S series effects measurement by means of a non-contact optical system. The system is made up of a linear camera and a telecentric back-lighter, which bring about vertical motions on the whole length of the piece. It is an easy-to-use system and speed consent considerable reduction in time and costs with accurate control and measurement of 100% of production.

Moreover, it is designed to operate in more aggressive production environments. The design includes a perimetral cover and wide front access, which provides maximum protection from dirt and reduces the cleaning operations to a minimum. The presence of step-master, allows instant and automatic feedback of the measurements taken. The use of MTL Ergon S series next to CNC centers keeps the production always within tolerance limits by reducing the number of rejects and avoiding machine downtime for tools’ adjustments.

List of standard measurements included in the MTL application:

• Scanning measurements (for acquisition of piece’s images that is being analyzed and find relevant references inside it): vertical, rotational, piece beginning, piece end, piece rotation, timing (f.i. cams, keys), cycle repetition.
• Service measurements: intersection line-line, intersection line-circumference, plane, known diameter position, axis.
• Diameter measurements: medium, minimum, maximum, turned, average sphere.
• Angle measurements.
• Radiating measurements (dimensioned ray, ray).
• Comparison measurements and mathematical calculation: distance, sum (off-set), difference, se., cos., tan etc.
• Thickness measurements: medium, minimum, maximum, turned.
• Measurements of diameters in rotation: minimum, medium, maximum, broken diameter.
• Angular position measurements: cams timing displacement, tab/key slots, loops, shoulder’s millings, broken diameters.
• Form measurements: roundness, coaxial measure, runout, cylindrical measure (LSC, MIC, MCC, MZC).
• Thread measurements: pitch, height, diameter (maximum, minimum, medium).
• Conical thread measurements: pitch, height, conicity, medium diameter
• Geometric measurements: rectilinear characteristics, perpendicularity, parallelism, symmetry.
• Measurements on hexagon (or polygons with a definite number of sides): key, asymmetry, phasing.
• Comparison of the profile detected with DXF

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