QVI® Certified Comparator Products (CCP) Bench Top Series
(Formerly known as OGP Contour Projector System)

                  CC-14                                         CC-14L                                         CC-16                                               CC-16L

CCP's bench top model comparators offer the industry’s best value and performance for non-contact measurement. All CCP comparators use cutting-edge optical, lighting, and automation technologies, allowing you to handle the tight tolerances and wide range of applications you have to handle in your manufacturing process.

Our most popular model, featuring TruLight LED lighting and a variety of options that allow it to handle any manufacturing challenge.
Manual or Motorized Operation

CC-14L offers the innovative features of modern CCP comparators at a lower cost. CC-14L includes TruLight® variable intensity LED lighting as standard.
Manual Operation

The CC-16 is the industry’s most advanced 16-inch benchtop comparator, offering motorized stage travel, an ultra-stable composite base and all-LED lighting.
Motorized Operation

CC-16L is the value leader in 16 inch comparators, combining a large viewing area and sharp imaging with easy-to-use manual X,Y stages. TruLight variable intensity LED lighting is standard.
Motorized Operation

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