QVI Cobra Laser Scanner System

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       QVI Cobra 2D                      QVI Cobra 3D

The Cobra is a laser-based system for non-contact surface profile scanning.  Standard features include:
• Precision mechanical bearing internal Y axis transport providing a total scanning range of 50 mm.

• Capture range in Z of 0.3, 0.5, 2.0, or 8.0 mm depending on laser sensor selected: DRS 300, 500, 2000, or 8000.

• Micrometer-adjust Z-axis with 50 mm range for setting laser focus

• Includes one DRS sensor of choice.  DRS sensors automatically compensate for varying part reflectivity allowing accurate measurements for shining, diffuse, or multi-colored surfaces

• Scan-X measurement analysis software provides 2D, high resolution measurements of height, length, area,
slope, radius and surface roughness.  Includes full language support.

• For applications such as solder paste, coatings, seams, seals, film, rivets, membranes, etc.

• Easy connection to customer supplied computer through parallel port (no interface cards required).

• Operations manual and on-line help functions.

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