ShapeGrabber® PLM/PRM Scanner Series
                PLM 300                                 PRM 330


• ShapeGrabber PLM/PRM scanner series is ideal for modelling.

• The PLM/PRM systems capture, describe and represent complex shapes for use in CAD, CAM or CAE systems.

• These systems enable you to translate electronic renderings reality: ShapeGrabber allows you to close the

design loop by rendering the real world as electronic designs.

• The PLM series offers high accuracy 3D laser scanning of small to large parts that are difficult to reach or move.

Models available: PLM300 & PLM800

• The PRM series is ideal for scanning small to large parts in a tight spot or in a concave area. Models available:

• Portable 3D laser scanners digitize any large, immovable or hard to reach parts quickly and accurately.

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