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Optical Gaging Products (OGP) is one of the world's leading Multisensor Metrology Solutions Provider, manufacturing a complete range of dimensional and 3D measuring technologies to develop, maintain and qualify production processes.

Set up in 1995, Optical Gaging Singapore (OGS) today meets the metrology needs of manufacturers from manual inspection to fully automated, multisensor gaging.

With regional headquarters in Singapore, OGS has successfully introduced SmartScope® systems and wide product range for quality control and assurance across Asia Pacific and Middle East.

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What Are The Different Types of 3D Measuring Tools? There are four different types of 3D measuring tools — Multisensor measuring systems comprising contact sensor systems and non-contact sensor systems, 3D laser scanners, industrial CT scanners, and structured light 3D scanners.   Multisensor Measuring Systems Multisensor measuring systems are...
The Top 4 Biggest Myths About Optical Measurement System Myth #1: All optical measurement systems are the same. Fact: Optical measurement systems vary from one another. There are three primary types of measurement equipment— precision hand tools, contact sensor systems, and non-contact sensor systems. An optical measurement system is considered a...
Multisensor Measuring Machine Buyers’ Guide A multisensor measuring machine is highly useful in measuring small or large parts. Its main feature is having more than 1 sensor on the machine.  All multisensor measuring machines consist of the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. The basic structure of the multisensor measuring machine, which is already...
Frequently Asked Questions About 3D Laser Scanner The unprecedented speed of technological change has made the 3D laser scanner a very common device in many industries today. 3D measurement tools are cost-effective methods to capture data so individuals can visualise as well as analyse objects quickly and efficiently.   How does 3D scanning...
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