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Month: May 2021

What Are The Different Types of 3D Measuring Tools?

There are four different types of 3D measuring tools — Multisensor measuring systems comprising contact sensor systems and non-contact sensor systems, 3D laser scanners, industrial CT scanners, and structured light 3D scanners.   Multisensor Measuring Systems Multisensor measuring systems are divided into contact and non-contact measuring systems.  Contact sensor systems: Contact sensor systems use a […]

The Top 4 Biggest Myths About Optical Measurement System

Myth #1: All optical measurement systems are the same. Fact: Optical measurement systems vary from one another. There are three primary types of measurement equipment— precision hand tools, contact sensor systems, and non-contact sensor systems. An optical measurement system is considered a non-contact sensor system. It is different from a precision hand tool or contact […]

Multisensor Measuring Machine Buyers’ Guide

A multisensor measuring machine is highly useful in measuring small or large parts. Its main feature is having more than 1 sensor on the machine.  All multisensor measuring machines consist of the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. The basic structure of the multisensor measuring machine, which is already inherently accurate, is further enhanced by software to […]

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