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3 Optical Measuring Instruments You Should Invest In

3 Optical Measuring Instruments You Should Invest In

When it comes to investing in optical measuring instruments, you might be overwhelmed with so many choices that you cannot properly decide or make no choice at all. It can even lead to anxiety and leave you dissatisfied. That’s why it is important to keep yourself updated on everything there is to know about an optical measuring machine so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits.

If you are just new to the world of optical measuring instruments, following is a quick guide on how to choose a good one and also, we’ve rounded up the best instruments you should invest in right now.

What are Optical Measuring Instruments?

Optical measuring instruments include those that characterize and measure the physical properties of light. Such instruments are widely in demand from industries such as aerospace engineering, automotive, electronics, energy, medical, storage, and telecommunications. These tools are essential in research applications, production quality, and design & performance specifications.

How to Choose a Good Optical Measuring Machine?

  • Determine your objectives & preferences. Before investing in optical measuring instruments, it is crucial to determine your expectations and what you really want. The more you are certain about your objectives and preferences, the easier it is to make a choice and select the instrument that will match your needs. Are you looking for an instrument that can handle any manufacturing challenge? Or are you searching for a machine to produce high-accuracy images? It is necessary to establish your objectives and once this is in place, you can go ahead and create a list of instruments that have the potential to help you achieve your goals.
  • Do your research before buying/investing. Knowledge about the instruments/machines is the key to choosing a good one. Remember that every instrument has different features and what may have worked for others may not necessarily work for you. Make a thorough research about each instrument/machine – from their technical specifications to applications.
  • You must have a sufficient budget. You need to have enough budget to not only purchase a good optical measuring machine but also to keep up with its maintenance costs. Investing without setting up a budget can hurt your finances in the long run.

Keeping the above in mind, you could surely purchase the right machine without any regrets.

What are the Must-Have Optical Measuring Instruments You Should Invest In?

  1.   QVI® Certified Comparator Products (CCP) Bench Top Series. This series includes CC-14, CC-14L, CC-16, and CC-16L. What makes this series outstanding is its cutting-edge optical, lighting, & automation technologies. With these features, you can handle a wide range of applications related to your manufacturing process.
  1.   QVI® Certified Comparator Products (CCP) Floor Series. This series includes CC-20 and CC-30. CC-20 is well-known for its proven optical system which produces an upright image for easy operation. It is also a great choice for larger and heavier parts. CC 30, on the other hand, offers a high-capacity stage in a compact footprint.
  1.   QVI® SNAP™ Digital Measuring Machine. These measurement systems are what you need if you intend to measure small and intricate parts right on the manufacturing floor. They’re simple to use and widely applied in industries such as automotive, medical, telecommunications, and more.


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