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5 Tips On How to Choose a Good Metrology Provider

5 Tips On How to Choose a Good Metrology Provider

metrology softwareMetrology software products, metrology software, metrology measurement instruments… …For the uninitiated, this foray into the world of metrology can be an overwhelming and complicated process. 

A good metrology software provider can provide quality equipment and training, making a world of difference to your research and production. At Optical Gaging, we rounded up the best tips on how to select a good provider to meet all your metrology needs.

1. Select a metrology software provider who offers the best equipment with the latest technology. 

Your metrology software provider should always help you be more productive with new functions and improved usability. Technology is always rapidly changing. To keep up these trends and software advances, it is important for their software to be regularly updated so you can get the most accurate results in an efficient manner. 

Pro-Tip #1: For safekeeping, get your vendor to provide you with the raw file format for the resulting reports.

2. Ensure that your metrology software provider understands your production needs and schedule. 

Nothing is more frustrating than constantly chasing for updates or having missed a deadline. Relieve yourself from this stress and work with a reliable vendor who can match your schedule and is flexible to your company regulations.

Pro-Tip #2: Estimated turn-around times for part inspections and calibration services should be one week or less for maximum efficiency.

3. Ask for references prior to getting a quotation. Choose the professionals who have benchmarks and sample reports on hand. 

This is proof that they can provide accurate and quality data, giving you a peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Pro-Tip #3: Don’t limit yourself to only one metrology software provider. Compare the different references from various providers before making a decision.

4. Ample support should be provided by the metrology software provider, including training. 

Good training is key to getting the most out of your measurement machines. It is important to find qualified trainers who understand the challenges of working with new machines and can provide valuable staff training.

Pro-Tip #4: Some metrology software products providers even provide in-house training tailored to your organisation so be sure to find a provider that best suits your staff’s needs.

5. Ensure your quotation covers travel costs. 

Equipment failure or malfunction may occur and when this happens, the engineers have to travel down and fix them. Travel costs due to machine failure should be included in your original quotation so you can get a well-rounded estimation of the total costs.

Pro-Tip #5: Check with your metrology software provider if they outsource any services in your application such as scanning or reporting. Services that are not done in-house may increase your overall cost.

With these five tips provided, you’re now more equipped to select a good metrology software provider that offers dependable technology solutions. No matter which industry you belong to, it is highly beneficial to invest in good metrology measuring instruments to help you achieve high-level optical measurements. Optical Gaging Products (OGP) is one of the world’s leading multisensor metrology solutions provider. To discuss your metrology needs, simply contact us at (65) 6741 8880 or send an email to

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