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Multisensor Technologies

Quality Vision International has expertise in numerous technologies that are important for accurate optical inspection and dimensional measurement distinguishing the group from the rest in the industry.


Imaging technologies are critical since non-contact video measurement is based on images of the part, not the part itself. Its optics experts incorporate zoom and fixed optical systems that provide resolution and versatility to meet manufacturing needs across a wide range of industries.
Illumination technologies directly affect the quality of imaging. A variety of light sources and systems are used to provide lighting of the proper intensity, angle, and color for every feature on parts being inspected and measured.

Image analysis technologies derive measurement results manufacturers depend on for ensuring product quality, compliance, conformity, and proper process control. Advanced electronics and innovative software rapidly process complex images to extract critical edge, surface and feature details. These “micro” detail relationships from the entire system measurement volume are retained and analyzed for reporting and decision-making purposes.

Sensor technologies acquire information from parts being inspected or measured. Innovation in the use of sensors for metrology has always been a hallmark of QVI. Projectron® automatic edge detection developed in 1956, brought repeatable measurements to optical comparators. Scanning white light sensors provide non-contact surface profiling. Scanning touch probes and video edge trace follow complex geometries between user-defined start and stop points. QVI incorporates single or multiple sensors into systems that improve productivity with the needed precision. QVI’s expertise with video, laser, tactile and micro-sensors is unique in our industry.
Mechanical and motion technologies ensure metrologically-stable platforms while moving parts or sensors with precision and repeatability in as many as five axes. QVI engineers scale this expertise from compact benchtop machines to large format, large travel systems. Innovative motor drive systems and encoders monitor and control positioning over meter-plus distances down to the micro-level for high-resolution sensor performance.

Many of these technologies are patented, and applied in many of QVI subsidiaries. Making these investments have earned the customers’ trust that products with technologies by QVI are well engineered.

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