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What Are The Different Types of 3D Measuring Tools?

What Are The Different Types of 3D Measuring Tools?

Types of 3D Measuring ToolsThere are four different types of 3D measuring tools — Multisensor measuring systems comprising contact sensor systems and non-contact sensor systems, 3D laser scanners, industrial CT scanners, and structured light 3D scanners.


Multisensor Measuring Systems

Multisensor measuring systems are divided into contact and non-contact measuring systems. 

Contact sensor systems: Contact sensor systems use a contact sensor to touch the target object to collect 2D (XY) data to 3D (XYZ) measurements. Contact sensor systems are more accurate than precision hand tools and can be manually operated, semi-, or fully automated. A popular contact sensor system is the multisensor measuring machine.

Non-contact sensor systems: A non-contact system works by collecting 2D (XY) data to 3D (XYZ) measurements through technology like an optical lens, camera, laser, X-ray, or light. These systems are more precise than precision hand tools and contact sensor systems. They can also be manually operated, semi-, or fully automated. Common optical measurement systems include optical comparators and vision measuring machines (VMMs).

Optical comparators: The optical comparator can measure the 2D profile contouring of the object by shining light on the product part and projecting the silhouette on the optical comparator screen. They provide operators looking to have the resolution and definition and uniformed magnification of the product parts.

Vision measuring machines (VMMs): VMMs can quickly and accurately inspect and measure 2D and 3D objects. This versatile machine can be equipped with multiple sensors like a touch probe or laser, digital colour camera, which are highly useful for difficult-to-reach part features.


3D Laser Scanners

This 3D measuring tool uses a laser beam to record the object’s shape and surface. The beam reflects off objects before returning to the scanner’s sensor. Hence, it allows accurate capturing of the free-form shapes, quickly generating results and reducing the possibility of human error.

It is more manageable and faster to use a 3D laser scanner to measure parts as small as a coin or objects as large as a refrigerator than the traditional measuring devices like callipers, coordinate measuring machines, and gauges. 


Industrial CT Scanners

The industrial CT scanners is a non-destructive technology that uses X-ray technology providing inspection of a part’s interior structure without causing any harm or destruction of the piece itself. The technology itself can also provide a reverse engineering method of replicating an object by creating an exact CAD model, offering highly accurate internal dimensions and the comparison to the reference models.


Structured Light 3D Scanners

This technology concept is based on triangulation which the scanner projects a single beam of light with uniform intensity scanning in a calibrated pattern. It can be both adopted in a causal and commercial environment providing accurate time-of-flight methods, relatively faster than laser scanning. The device is also portable.


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