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Intelligent Image Processing Offering
Advanced Large Field Image Analysis Capability


In the heart of OGP Fusion’s capability lies in its large field-of-view (LFOV) optical system. Large field optics allow Feature Extraction to analyze any part and display basic part geometry without the need for a programmed measurement routine.


Instantly process and identify all features and dimensions within the scene without the need for a pre-programmed measurement routine. For more information on the Fusion series and other OGP newly launched products, click on the Register Here  button below.

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Fusion Series Introduction

What is Fusion® ?

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3D Capability

Powered by ZONE3 metrology software – allowing 3D
and CAD-based measurement with all sensors

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High Productivity

100mm FOV combined with a high-speed transport
delivers fast measurement throughput

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Multisensor Capability

All sensors are placed precisely on the optical centerline
by the patented rotational deployment mechanism

Intelligent Image Processing

Intelligent Image Processing

Full-field image processing and high-speed cameras allow
entire scenes to be measured instantly

The Fusion Series

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Fusion® 400 systems add multisensor capability and state-of-the-art
optics to measure the most challenging 3D part geometries.  Adding on ZONE3®
Metrology software in creating faster, easier, and more productive measurements.


Fusion® 600 systems are 3D capable, high accuracy large field-of-view
(LFOV) with an expansive measuring volume. Adding on ZONE3® Metrology
software in creating faster, easier, and more productive measurements.


ZONE3® — The totally new way of working with multisensor measurement systems and provides faster, easier, and more productive measurements than ever before.

Automatically and effortlessly generate measurement routines resulting in faster programming and run times than was previously possible with other software packages.

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ZONE3 Metrology Software

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