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Product and Skills Training To Stay Competitive

17 Nov

Product and Skills Training To Stay Competitive


September 2012
Obtaining Graduate Diploma in PMC

As an employer, Optical Gaging Singapore (OGS) takes staff training seriously in order to stay competitive.
Happier OGSians lead to higher productivity

OGS General Manager  Kelly Ho said: “Employees need to be equipped with the right skills and updated on product knowledge to deliver their best.”

Starting September 2012, ten OGSians (OGS staff) will begin their journey of a one-year Graduate Diploma course in Precision Measurement & Characterization (PMC) organized by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) with the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing (SIMTech).

This course covers fundamental knowledge and hands-on skills in Precision Engineering (PE), metrology and material characterization required for managers and engineers in PE related manufacturing industries.

QVI Japan Product Training Seminar

Mr Satoshi Nakamura (in yellow shirt) from QVI Japan Inc. made a special trip to Singapore in October  2012 to conduct a product seminar at OGS.

The 3-day event was well attended by sales, training and applications staff  from various sales offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Shenzhen and authorized agents from South East Asia.

Participants learnt of user demand solutions (software & hardware) for SmartScope’s products running Measure Mind 3D metrology software. Its products include customized report spreadsheet named “Smart Sheet”, Offline programming using CAD file software “Smart CAD Link”, customized fixture & special software project.


Apart from product and technology excellence, hard work and dedication of the staff are the key factors that have contributed to OGS’ excellence commitment.

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