ShapeGrabber industrial 3D Laser Scanners are ideal for measuring complex shapes where measurement time is important, costly, or simply impossible to measure. The systems are faster and easy to use with its powerful software in comparison to the traditional measurement methods such as gauges, callipers and coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

It is fast and accurate regardless of the complexity of the object’s shape, ShapeGrabber 3D Laser Scanners can capture every metric in term of cloud points. It’s precision renders every feature of an object into a three-dimensional model that can be inspected and measured for defects, further augmented, or reproduced as in the reverse engineering.

With ShapeGrabber, industries that inspect and measure complex-shaped parts like automotive, sheet metal, cast iron or medical devices can reduce inspection time, greatly enhance part coverage thereby increasing customer satisfaction, reduce defects and provide proof that specs are met. The systems are accessorized with the SG 3D scanheads, customers can select the right type of SG 3D scanheads for their spec measurement requirements. ShapeGrabber has developed the 6th generation 3D laser scanhead SG 156 which caters for faster speed and wider scanning range.

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