At OGP, we pride ourselves on the role we play as a leading manufacturer in advanced metrology and quality control. For nearly 75 years our products have made significant impacts in precision and repeatability in the manufacturing industry.

With an ever-changing technological industry, our mission is to provide prompt and quality service with the latest technology. Providing the products you need since the start of the metrology industry, we created the world’s first multisensor measuring system, the Intelligent Qualifier™ 2000, in 1987. Since then, we have designed and manufactured over 80 kinds of quality metrology products, each with their own unique innovations to specially fit your needs.

At OGP, we value the precision we provide for the people we serve. With innovations in imaging optics, calibration, non-contact lasers, and more, we are able to provide quality metrology systems, software, and accessories to fulfill your measurement and precision needs.