Accessories: SG Series 3D Scanheads


Scanheads Option
We offer a range of 3D scanheads for maximum flexibility. Some of 3D scanheads are built to scan a large area, while others scan smaller areas with greater accuracy.Multiple ShapeGrabber scanheads use a modular design so different scanheads can be swapped in and out of our 3D scanners. This enables customers to scan in a widerrange of resolutions or objects of widely varying sizes.

All ShapeGrabber 3D scanheads feature:
• CDRH Class II / IEC Class 2M Lasers
• IEEE-1394 (Firewire) interfaces
• Industrial design with no moving parts

NEW:- Sixth-Generation Scanhead
The SG156 Scanhead is the newest addition to our 3D scanhead family. This sixth-generation technology is our fastest scanhead to date, with an improved laser, lens,imager, and mounting mechanism. The SG156 features:
• Up to 10 times faster scanning speed than its predecessor
• Variable field of view in addition to depth of field
• Greater accuracy and tolerance to temperature changes
• Larger dynamic sensing range to scan wider range of part types
• A new mounting design allows the SG156 scanhead to be easily installed and removed; and, provides greater precision

Technical Specs Tab

Models SG42 SG156 SG502 SG1002
X-Field of View
Near 36 mm 85 mm 156 mm 199 mm
Far 50 mm 175 mm 362 mm 630 mm
Point Spacing
Near 29 µm 66 µm 121 µm 180 µm
Far 40 µm 137 µm 282 µm 520 µm
Y-Point Spacing in Scan Direction Function of scan velocity. On a typical ShapeGrabber system minimum point spacing is 20µm
Standoff* 158 mm 114 mm 221 mm 295 mm
Depth of Field 60 mm 190 mm 404 mm 795 mm
Near 1 µm 4 µm 10 µm 20 µm
Far 2 µm 7 µm 16 µm 40 µm
1o noise (mid) 6 µm 15 µm 40 µm 93 µm
Weight 1.08 kg 0.82 kg 1.12 kg 1.14 kg
Length 108 mm 173 mm 285 mm 295 mm
Width 75 mm 58 mm 75 mm 75 mm
Height 123 mm 131 mm 145 mm 141 mm
Data Rate
Minimum 18,000 pts/s 39,000 pts/s 18,000 pts/s 18,000 pts/s
Maximum 100,000+ pts/s 250,000 pts/s 100,000+ pts/s 100,000+ pts/s
Oper. Temp. 15 – 40°C 0 – 50°C 15 – 40°C 15 – 40°C
Temp. Ref. 20 +/-1°C
Rel. Humidity 50 +/- 20% (Non-condensing)
Connections 2 X 6 Pins 1394 (Fire Wire)
Voltage** 8 – 30 VDC / 12 VDC Nominal
Current** 230 mA 300 mA 230 mA 230 mA
Device Type Laser Diode Device
Output Power*** Maximum 0.95 mW
Class CDRH Class II / IEC Class 2M
Wavelength 670 nm
ShapeGrabber® 3D Laser Scanner Systems
1) 1) Automotive: Injection Molded Plastic Fittings, Dashboard Panels, Radiator Covers, etc
2) Aerospace: From Airframe parts to Engine components, eg Turbine Blades and others
3) Medical: Molded Dental Teeth, Ear Hearing Aids, Prosthetic Devices, etc
4) Plastics: Molded Plastic Cases for machine tools and molded Automotive parts, Electronic Plastic Connectors and any injected Plastic components
5) Precision Engineering: Stamping Parts, Precision Metal Casting, Checking supplier's part meets specifications, etc
The ShapeGrabber 3D laser scanner system uses a non-contact measuring process for 3D quality inspection and measurement that is fast and easy, and able to handle complex shapes.The process can also be used for reverse engineering and product design complementing 3D modeling and CAD systems.
  • Colour map comparing metal CAD file to ShapeGrabber's 3D Scan of the metal turbine blade
  • Colour map comparing plastic CAD file to ShapeGrabber's 3D Scan of the plastic radiator top cover

The system software captures and converts "points cloud" data into images for further analysis in metrology and reverse engineering. Seen here is a plastic cover application for inspection with CAD file.

3D measurement principles