OGP® DRS™ Laser



Laser options for OGP® SmartScope® measurement systems provide non-contact scanning and high accuracy focus points as part of multisensor measurement routines. OGP offers a number of laser options for its multisensor measurement systems.

A DRS™ (Digital Range Sensor) Laser Probe on a SmartScope® Flash™, Quest™, ATS, or Apex provides non-contact, high resolution surface contouring to supplement video measurements.

As one of the sensors supported by OGP® SmartScope multisensor measurement systems, the metrology software integrates DRS laser data points as easily as those gathered by video measurement. Both linear and area scans are easily programmed into automatic measurement routines for accurate measurement of surface contours.

A variety of DRS laser probes are available, each with its own unique capture range, standoff distance, and resolution. On SmartScope Quest models, the DRS laser probe is deployable and retractable under program control for uninterrupted, unattended measurement.

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How Does the DRS Laser Work?

The DRS Laser uses laser triangulation to determine surface heights. The surface is illuminated with a small laser spot. Scattered light is collected by a sensor array. Exact positional information is output to the metrology software at selectable data rates and spacing intervals.

DRS LaserResolutionCapture Range
DRS-3000.125 µm300 µm
DRS-5000.125 µm500 µm
DRS-20001.0 µm2000 µm