KOTEM Evolve™ Suite


Design, Build, Validate, and Communicate GD&T Tolerances

EVOLVE Suite optimizes the design process and integrates with production, enabling manufacturers to shorten product design & development time and normalize inspection.

  • Supports Model Base Definition.  Design information is shared effectively with the entire team.
  • Shortens Development Time.  Designers get GD&T tolerances correct the first time.
  • Improves Quality.  You get consistent interpretation and implementation of the GD&T standards throughout the Suite, eliminating transcription and interpretation errors.
  • Provides Flexibility.  Deploy enterprise-wide or by department, your choice.

EVOLVE Suite is part of Model-Based Enterprise

Modern manufacturing enterprises are moving to Model Based Enterprise (MBE). With MBE, an annotated digital three-dimensional (3D) model of a product serves as the authoritative information source for all activities in the product’s lifecycle. EVOLVE Suite is built to be the perfect software solution for companies using MBE.

MBE strategy has clear benefits for manufacturers, including:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Savings in production costs; improved tool design and fabrication
  • Fewer overall assembly hours
  • Less rework
  • A streamlined process and better collaboration on engineering changes

There are two prerequisites to implementing MBE: The first is the creation of annotated 3D models, known as a Model-based definition (MBD). This requires the use of a CAD system capable of creating precise solid models, which incorporate the product and manufacturing information (PMI), a form of 3D annotation which may include dimensions, GD&T, notes, surface finish, and material specifications.  The second prerequisite is transforming MBDs into a form where they can be used in downstream lifecycle activities.

Create PMI once, use often

The core MBE tenet is that models are used to drive all aspects of the product lifecycle and that data is created once and reused by all downstream data consumers. Data reusability requires computer interpretability, where an MBD can be processed directly by downstream applications. And it requires associativity of PMI to specific model features within the MBD.

Technical Specs Tab

EVOLVE Suite is made up of several software products that can work as standalone modules or as a system-wide solution to address the GD&T needs of all users in the enterprise.
  • The Suite provides a common GD&T rules engine throughout all phases of the enterprise, assuring consistent interpretation of the GD&T standards and eliminating human error due to judgment.
  • The Suite helps designers understand and apply the correct GD&T by proofing the CAD model. It also provides an explanatory system to guide the designer and show the actual portion of the standard. Getting it right from the beginning provides a huge boost to efficiency.
  • Integrating the EVOLVE SPC product provides manufacturers with tools for managing their processes, including the power to visually see the model and statistics in context, providing a deeper understanding of product tolerances.