MeasureFit® Plus


MeasureFit® Plus is a powerful fitting package that works with Measure-X® and MeasureMind® 3D MultiSensor metrology software. Handling sets of measured data at a time, MeasureFit quickly identifies potential assembly issues.

This fitting software analyzes all part features simultaneously and compares them to a nominal design template (“SoftGage®”) created from a measurement routine. A “best fit” match between the template and measurement results is created by the software and a color-coded and exaggerated graphic representation lets the user see how well the data fits. Trouble spots trends, and potential problems become crystal clear.

MeasureFit Plus reads all measured geometries, dimension constructions, tolerances, and Datum reference frames contained in Measure-X and MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor routines. It provides the ability to add MMC to Datum Features, apply the most appropriate Fit method, and deliver results both graphically and numerically.

Developed for Windows™ XP, OLE compliant MeasureFit Plus software is accessed via a Tab in Measure-X, allowing it to use the same user interface. There is no switching between separate applications. This tight integration allows fitting activities to be stored and played back as part of the Measure-X® inspection routine.

MeasureFit Plus can also be used in a stand-alone or off-line mode, and can import and export DXF files. DXF files can be transformed to MeasureFit Plus Project Files that contain datums, GDT tolerances, and material condition of features. Data point clouds can be imported and compared to a MeasureFit Plus Project File, and the results can be stored in an archive containing all numeric and graphic result data.

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