OGP® Miniature Servo Rotary (MSR™)



The Miniature Servo Rotary (MSR™) is a compact angular positioning device. Tightly integrated with OGP® metrology software, MSR offers mounting flexibility in orienting the rotational axis.

Part rotation can be a step in OGP metrology software measurement routines, eliminating the need to manually refixture a part.

MeasureMind 3D MultiSensor metrology software fully supports compound rotary motion, translating the part coordinate system with the part as it is rotated.

Combine an MSR with an MTR for Multiple Axis Rotation

Combine MSR and MTR rotaries to provide rotary motions in two perpendicular axes. There are a variety of combinations available, depending on the application and the available measurement envelope of the machine.

Technical Specs Tab

Position repeatability30 arc seconds
Positioning accuracy± 2 arc minutes