OGP Fusion®


Fusion® is an innovative, high-speed, multisensor measurement system with 3D capability that combines an exceptional large field-of-view (LFOV) optical system with multisensor flexibility to form a uniquely productive metrology system.

The heart of Fusion’s capability lies in its telecentric large field optics. Fusion’s dual optical magnifications: low with 100 mm viewing area and high for small feature measurements and autofocus — each telecentric for image accuracy throughout the depth of field. Advanced design principles and FOV non-linear calibration allow Fusion to measure many features in a Large FOV with the same accuracy as a small FOV on a traditional video measurement system. Large field optics allow a wide area to be imaged with high accuracy, while feature extraction can instantly process and identify all features and dimensions within the scene with no need for a pre-programmed measurement routine.


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  High Productivity100mm FOV combined with a high-speed transport delivers fast measurement throughput
  3D CapabilityPowered by ZONE3 metrology software, Fusion allows for 3D and CAD-based measurement with all sensors
  Multisesnor capability over the full stage travelAll sensors are placed precisely on the optical centerline by the patented rotational deployment mechanism
  Intelligent Image ProcessingFull field image processing and high-speed cameras allow entire scenes to be measured instantly