QVI® FlexPoint™


QVI FlexPoint 111 / 212 is a high accuracy tactile flexible gaging system. It provides an alternative to custom hard gaging and is designed for measurement of small precision parts. With the stability of a granite structure and its air bearing motion system, FlexPoint is equally at home on the manufacturing floor or in the QC laboratory.

FlexPoint comes equipped with New QVI ZONE3 premium CAD-based 3D metrology software.

• Touch trigger or scanning probe
•  Shop floor friendly
• QVI ZONE3 premium CAD-based 3D metrology software

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XYZ travel, FlexPoint 111160 x 100 x 160 mm
XYZ travel, FlexPoint 212220 x 160 x 220 mm
XYZ scale resolution0.5 μm0.1 µm temperature invariant
Drive systemDC servo with 3-axis control (X,Y,Z); multifunction handheld controller
Maximum recommended load7 kg
Maximum velocity250 mm/sec
Probe configurationsWith included docking station, choose from the following:

  1. TP20 Touch probe
  2. TP200 Touch probe
  3. Star Probe
  4. Scanning Probe
ControllerWindows®  based, with up-to-date processor and on board networking/communication ports
Controller accessory package24” flat panel LCD monitor, or dual 24” flat panel LCD monitors; keyboard, 3-button mouse (or user supplied)
SoftwareQVI Portal, including:

  1. Portal Navigator
  2. Independent Calibration Engine (ICE)
  3. Multimedia Content Viewer
  4. SmartLink™
  5. QVI ZONE3 metrology software
Productivity software: SmartProfile®, SmartReport®
Power requirements115/230 vac, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase, 700 W
Air requirementsClean, dry compressed air at 4 bar (60 psi)
Rated environmentTemperature 18-22° C, stable to ±2° C (±4° F); 30-80% humidity; vibration <0.0015g below 15 Hz
Operating environment, safe operation15-30° C
Accuracy1MPE  = (1.0 + L/300) µm; Max = 1.5 µm (with TP20) e

1Where L = measuring length in mm. Applies to thermally stable system in rated environment, with a certified artifact at 20° C Maximum rate of temperature change: 2° C/hour. Maximum vertical temperature gradient: 1° C/meter. Compliant with ISO 10360 Standards