QVI® SNAP™ 数码测量系统




QVI®SNAP™测量系统被设计用来测量制造地板上小的,复杂的零件。所有的SNAP系统简单易用。具有自动部件ID和AutoCorrelate,只需放置在SNAP并按GO键。单件,多件 – 不同地区,甚至混合 – 都自动测量。




  • 75毫米对角视场
  • 简单,一键式操作
  • 全远心,固定光学镜头
  • 可控照明与背光灯,顶上灯,可编程8区彩色环光。


SNAP DM200延伸量程用精密机动的X轴载物台,和两个内置光学倍率的灵活性。

SNAP DM 200特点:

  • 100毫米圆形视场
  • 精密电动X轴阶段
  • 具有自动对焦电动Z位置
  • 全远心,双放大倍率的光学精确的测量
  • 可控照明与背光灯,顶上灯,可编程8区彩色环光
  • 可选高密度的摄像头,提供了超细功能的加入决议


SNAP DM350提供了一个大的测量范围,允许你来测量各种大批量零件的大视场的技术更加方便。

SNAP DM350特点:

  • 100毫米的视场与数码变焦
  • 精密电动X轴阶段
  • 全远心,双放大倍率的光学精确测量
  • 450×450×150毫米(X,Y,Z)的最大值的测量范围

Technical Specs Tab

 SNAP StandardOptional
Field of View75 mm diagonal
OpticsFully telecentric,  fixed  lens
CameraQVI®  digital five megapixel, black and white
Depth of FieldLow Mag: 38 mm High Mag: 4.75 mm
Worktable10 Kg load capacity, evenly distributed, 75 mm manual vertical (Z) position adjustment– Motorized vertical position adjustment – 2-position shuttle stage – Rotary indexer
AccuracyLow MagHigh Mag
10 µm + L/1505 µm + L/150
The OGP range of products : SmartScope Flash / CNC, SmartScope ZIP Lite, SmartScope ZIP, SmartScope ZIP Advance, Apex, ATS, Vantage and QVI SprintMVP offer the following functionalities enabling measurement and construction of features to obtain size, location and other geometric dimensions :
a.   Measure Function :
Point, Line, Circle (Radius / Diameter), Plane & Centroid (irregular contour)
b.   Construct Function :
Point, Line, Circle (Radius / Diameter), Intersection (Point / Angle), Width (Perpendicular Distance), Distance (XYZ / RAX coordinates)
Our other range of products: ShapeGrabber laser scanner systems, SHAKE SHR CT scanner & VICI Vision optical measuring machines provide non-destructive 2D / 3D profile scanning for first article inspection (geometric measurement) and reverse engineering operations.
Industries where our products are widely applied :
1、Automotive Electronics devices & engineering plastic components for Car - body electronics (control module), security systems (anti-theft), connection systems (connectors, clips, clamps, safety restraint), driver interface (displays, mechatronics, switches, controls), infotainment (audio, navigation), safety electronics, sensors (chasis, climate, engine), etc.
2、Medical Medical devices or Health care products components – Orthopedics (hip joint, knee joint, implants), Infusion and Injection (catheters, syringes, needles), Surgical instrument, Cardiovascular accessories & device (stent, Cardiac monitoring), Pharmacy (transfer device, tubes, sample containers), Vial system components (drug packaging), etc.
• Mobile phone enclosure
• PCBs
• Connectors
• Camera modules, Glass screen
• Hard Disk Drive components
√ Cover
√ Discs
√ Actuator
√ Shock Mount
√ Printed Circuit Cable
√ Connector
√ Frame/Bracket
√ I/O Connector
√ Base Casting
√ Read/Write Heads
√ DC Power Input
√ Spindle
√ Head/Disk Assembly
√ E Block
5、Semiconductors / Electronics
• Components placement
• Sample hole sizes
• Sample thickness
• Gold fingers line width / Pitching
• Lead Coplanarity
• Warpage / Flatness
6、Aerospace Engineering
• Inspection of components related to Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services provided by aerospace manufacturers from airframe maintenance to engine overhaul to aircraft modifications and conversion.
7、Energy (Solar / Oil & Gas) & Defence
• Inspection of solar wafers, cells and modules
• Inspection of tooling and components for equipment used in oil well production
• Inspection of weapons assembly
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