QVI® SNAP™ Digital Measuring Machine


Large-Field-of-View, Full Function Digital Measuring Machine 
QVI® SNAP™ measurement systems are designed to measure small, intricate parts right on the manufacturing floor. All SNAP systems are simple to use. With automatic part ID and AutoCorrelate, simply place a part on the SNAP and press GO. Single parts, multiple parts – even a mixture of different parts – are all measured automatically.

SNAP combines a high resolution digital metrology camera with specially designed optics
and lighting to produce high accuracy images, even in shop-floor conditions.

SNAP Features:
• Generous 75 mm diagonal field of view
• Simple, one-button operation
• Fully telecentric, fixed lens optics·
• Controllable lighting with backlight, square-on top light, and 8-sector programmable multicolor ring light

SNAP DM200 extends measuring range with a precision motorized X-axis stage, and the flexibility of two built-in optical magnifications.

SNAP DM200 Features:
• 100 mm circular field of view
• Precision motorized X-axis stage
• Motorized Z position with auto focus
• Fully telecentric, dual magnification optics for precise measurement
• Controllable lighting with backlight, square-on top light, and 8-sector programmable right light
• Optional high density camera providing added resolution for ultrafine features

SNAP DM350 offers a large measuring range allowing you to measure a variety of large volume parts with the added convenience of large-field-of-view technology.

SNAP DM350 Features:
• 100 mm field of view with digital zoom
• Precision motorized X-axis stage
• Fully telecentric, dual magnification optics for precise measurements
• 450 x 450 x 150 mm (X, Y, Z) maximum measuring range

Technical Specs Tab

SNAP Standard Optional
Field of View 75 mm diagonal
Optics Fully telecentric,  fixed  lens
Camera QVI®  digital five megapixel, black and white
Depth of Field Low Mag: 38 mm
High Mag: 4.75 mm
Worktable 10 Kg load capacity, evenly distributed, 75 mm manual vertical
(Z) position adjustment
– Motorized vertical position adjustment
– 2-position shuttle stage
– Rotary indexer
Accuracy Low Mag High Mag
10 µm + L/150 5 µm + L/150
SNAP DM200 Standard Optional
Stage Motion X: 150 mm Z: 75 mm
Field of View Low Mag: 100 mm circular High Mag: 25 mm Low Mag: 78 mm diagonal
High Mag: 19.5 mm
Optics Fully telecentric, dual magnification
Camera QVI® digital four megapixel, black and white QVI® high density digital ive
megapixel, black and white
Depth of Field Low Mag: 38 mm High Mag: 4 mm
Worktable 10 Kg load capacity, evenly distributed, 75 mm motorized vertical (Z) position adjustment – Rotary indexer
Accuracy Low Mag High Mag
10 µm + L/150 5 µm + L/150
SNAP DM 350 Standard Optional
Measuring Unit Rugged steel frame & column with granite surface plate
Maximum Measuring Range (X,Y,Z) 450 X 450 X 150
Stage Precision motorized compound X,Y stage & precision Z-axis stage with DC servo drives (350X350X150 mm travel range)
Optics Fully telecentric,dual magnification with automatic focus calibration artifact included
Z-axis Autofocus Resolution (mm) 0.1
Field of View(diagonal in mm) with standard camera Low Mag:100; High Mag:25 Low Mag:78; High Mag:19.5
Depth of Field (mm) Low Mag:38; High Mag:4.75
Camera QVI® large field megapixel metrology camera QVI® high density megapixel metrology camera
Image Processing SNAP advanced image analysis,256 level grayscale with10:1-50:1 sub pixel resolution
Control Unit Multifunction hand controller with 3-axial joystick & lighting controls
System Controller Window® controller Single flat panel LCD monitor or dual flat panel LCD monitors,keyboard,mouse
Rated Environment 20 ± 2º C (rated), 5-30º C (max operating range)
Power 120/240 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 1-phase,160 W
XY Accuracy* (E2) (3.0 + 8L/1000) µm
Z Accuracy (E1) (5.0 + 6L/1000) µm with optional touch probe
*Where L=measuring length in mm. Applies to the entire field of view at the highest optical magnification & highest digital zoom level over the full range of X,Y travel. QVI calibration artifacts 638696 for standard camera & 640685 for optional high density camera & 623850 for stage calibration. Calibration artifacts must be positioned in the standard measuring plane defined as perpendicular to the optical axis within 0.5mm or 0.02 inch & within 5mm or 0.02 inches of best focus. Payload to be evenly distributed & not to exceed 5kg.Applies to a thermally stable system
The OGP range of products : SmartScope Flash / CNC, SmartScope ZIP Lite, SmartScope ZIP, SmartScope ZIP Advance, Vantage and QVI SprintMVP offer the following functionalities enabling measurement and construction of features to obtain size, location and other geometric dimensions :
a.   Measure Function :
Point, Line, Circle (Radius / Diameter), Plane & Centroid (irregular contour)
b.   Construct Function :
Point, Line, Circle (Radius / Diameter), Intersection (Point / Angle), Width (Perpendicular Distance), Distance (XYZ / RAX coordinates)
Our other range of products: ShapeGrabber laser scanner systems, SHAKE SHR CT scanner provide non-destructive 2D / 3D profile scanning for first article inspection (geometric measurement) and reverse engineering operations.
Industries where our products are widely applied :
1、Automotive Electronics devices & engineering plastic components for Car - body electronics (control module), security systems (anti-theft), connection systems (connectors, clips, clamps, safety restraint), driver interface (displays, mechatronics, switches, controls), infotainment (audio, navigation), safety electronics, sensors (chasis, climate, engine), etc.
2、Medical Medical devices or Health care products components – Orthopedics (hip joint, knee joint, implants), Infusion and Injection (catheters, syringes, needles), Surgical instrument, Cardiovascular accessories & device (stent, Cardiac monitoring), Pharmacy (transfer device, tubes, sample containers), Vial system components (drug packaging), etc.
• Mobile phone enclosure
• PCBs
• Connectors
• Camera modules, Glass screen
• Hard Disk Drive components
√ Cover
√ Discs
√ Actuator
√ Shock Mount
√ Printed Circuit Cable
√ Connector
√ Frame/Bracket
√ I/O Connector
√ Base Casting
√ Read/Write Heads
√ DC Power Input
√ Spindle
√ Head/Disk Assembly
√ E Block
5、Semiconductors / Electronics
• Components placement
• Sample hole sizes
• Sample thickness
• Gold fingers line width / Pitching
• Lead Coplanarity
• Warpage / Flatness
6、Aerospace Engineering
• Inspection of components related to Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services provided by aerospace manufacturers from airframe maintenance to engine overhaul to aircraft modifications and conversion.
7、Energy (Solar / Oil & Gas) & Defence
• Inspection of solar wafers, cells and modules
• Inspection of tooling and components for equipment used in oil well production
• Inspection of weapons assembly