ShapeGrabber® Ai310 Scanner System


ShapeGrabber 3D laser scanners are ideal for complete inspection of complex-shaped parts such as medical
devices, aerospace metal castings, automotive molded plastic parts, injection-molded plastic components, and
many others.

In particular, the ShapeGrabber Ai310 automated 3D laser scanner is designed for small and complex shaped parts where speed, complete coverage and ease-of-use are important. Its compact size allows the Ai310 to fit easily on a workbench or standard inspection table.

With the Ai310, manufacturers can reduce inspection time for both in first-article and production parts. The enhanced parts coverage greatly increases customer satisfaction by reducing defects and provides rigorous quality control measurement that specs are met. Rapid and efficient inspection scans also reduce production equipment downtime, material waste, and human inspection error.

The 6th generation 3D Scanhead SG156 integrated with Ai310 provides faster scanning speed, wider scanning range, ultimate accuracy and ease of use.

   System Features   Benefits
   • Full surface 3D quality control   • Reduce inspection time
   • Automated inspection in minutes   • Reduce defect ship rate
   • Easy to use   • Increase sampling rate
   • No CAD training required   • Reduce equipment downtime
   • Go/No Go: back to production   • Improve process monitoring
   • Complete design verification   • Reduce material waste
   • Save and print reports   • Reduce human error
   • Save and share data   • Provide proof that specs are met

Technical Specs Tab

ShapeGrabber® Ai310 Scanner System
Data acquisition rate: 39,000 to 250,000 points per second
Scan volume:Cylinder of 300mm in height by 200mm in diameter
Laser:CDRH Class II/IEC Class 2M
Report types:Color error maps, fly-out boxes, tables, cross sections, GD&T, tabular all available
Report formats:Excel, Word, HTML, PDF

Systems are available in various configurations to accommodate different part sizes, automation and quality control requirements.

1) 1) Automotive:Injection Molded Plastic Fittings, Dashboard Panels, Radiator Covers, etc
2) Aerospace:From Airframe parts to Engine components, eg Turbine Blades and others
3) Medical:Molded Dental Teeth, Ear Hearing Aids, Prosthetic Devices, etc
4) Plastics:Molded Plastic Cases for machine tools and molded Automotive parts, Electronic Plastic Connectors and any injected Plastic components
5) Precision Engineering:Stamping Parts, Precision Metal Casting, Checking supplier's part meets specifications, etc
The ShapeGrabber 3D laser scanner system uses a non-contact measuring process for 3D quality inspection and measurement that is fast and easy, and able to handle complex shapes.The process can also be used for reverse engineering and product design complementing 3D modelling and CAD systems.
  • Colour map comparing metal CAD file to ShapeGrabber's 3D Scan of the metal turbine blade
  • Colour map comparing plastic CAD file to ShapeGrabber's 3D Scan of the plastic radiator top cover

The system software captures and converts "points cloud" data into images for further analysis in metrology and reverse engineering. Seen here is a plastic cover application for inspection with CAD file.