ShapeGrabber® ai620 Automated 3D Scanner


The QVI shapegrabber ai620 3D scanner is a precision, metrology-class 3D scanner. The ai620 measures the complete surface of complex shaped plastic, metal, and 3D printed parts in minutes with a high density of data points.

The ai620 is easy to use and highly automated. After an initial scan, the same scanning parameters may be used for subsequent parts, delivering consistent results irrespective of operator skill or experience. There is no need to write special code.

The ai620 is fast. Data capture rates range from 155,000 pts/s to upwards of 1.5M pts/s. But that does not say the whole story. It can be setup for new parts very quickly. The precision turntable repositions the part for additional scans accurately with no need for targets or software alignment, and the automation makes all of this work seamlessly. What this means is not just fast data, but fast time to results.

The ai620 derives its inherent accuracy by combining a highly rigid and stable mechanical structure, high precision vertical and rotary motion, state of the art calibration, and the leading-edge optics of the included sg198 scanhead. The result is high quality data, delivered quickly and reliably.

Technical Specs Tab

ai620 3D scannersg198 scanhead
Overall dimensions (mm)1000 x 800 x 1850Laser safetyIEC Class 2M
System weight (kg)400Wavelength (nm)405
Vertical scan motion (mm)600X field of view near (mm)90
Vertical scale resolution (μm)0.1X field of view far (mm)170
Rotary table motion (deg)360X point spacing, mid (μm)50
Rotary table positional accuracy (arc sec)5Z resolution (μm)2
Work load (kg)80Standoff (mm)110
Electrical100 to 240 V
50 / 60 Hz
Depth of field (mm)185
OSWindows 10Data rate at full DOF (pts/s)155,000
Scanner softwareShapeGrabber SGCentralMaximum data rate (pts/s)> 1,500,000
Operating relative humidity20% – 80% non-condensing
ai620 3D scanner with sg198 scanhead
Max scan volume (mm)600 L x 185 Ø
Accuracy (ISO 10360)15 + L/200 μm
Temperature reference (°C)20 ±1


1) 1) Automotive:Injection Molded Plastic Fittings, Dashboard Panels, Radiator Covers, etc
2) Aerospace:From Airframe parts to Engine components, eg Turbine Blades and others
3) Medical:Molded Dental Teeth, Ear Hearing Aids, Prosthetic Devices, etc
4) Plastics:Molded Plastic Cases for machine tools and molded Automotive parts, Electronic Plastic Connectors and any injected Plastic components
5) Precision Engineering:Stamping Parts, Precision Metal Casting, Checking supplier's part meets specifications, etc
The ShapeGrabber 3D laser scanner system uses a non-contact measuring process for 3D quality inspection and measurement that is fast and easy, and able to handle complex shapes.The process can also be used for reverse engineering and product design complementing 3D modelling and CAD systems.
  • Colour map comparing metal CAD file to ShapeGrabber's 3D Scan of the metal turbine blade
  • Colour map comparing plastic CAD file to ShapeGrabber's 3D Scan of the plastic radiator top cover
  • Colour map comparing plastic CAD file to ShapeGrabber's 3D Scan of the plastic radiator top cover

The system software captures and converts "points cloud" data into images for further analysis in metrology and reverse engineering. Seen here is a plastic cover application for inspection with CAD file.