SmartFit® 3D


SmartFit® 3D by Kotem Technologies is a fast, accurate, and reliable 2D/3D best-fitting and analysis software package to solve misalignment and location problems. It works with collected data from virtually any contact or non-contact inspection source, including:

• SmartScope® video and multisensor metrology systems
• MeasureMind® 3D Multisensor or Measure-X® software
• Cobra™ laser profile scanners
• And more!

Data is compared to the nominal representation of a part to optimize their position using eight best-fitting mathematical methods:

• Least Squares
• Root Mean Square
• Minimum Sum Deviations
• Mini-Max
• Uniform Deviations
• Minimum Standard Deviation
• Tolerance Envelope
• Tolerance Envelope Mini-Max

SmartFit 3D is high-powered analysis for intelligent manufacturing decisions that offers your Quality Control and Manufacturing Specialists unprecedented access to process secrets.

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