SmartProfile® takes point clouds of data from part measurements performed on any measurement system, merges that data with the nominal CAD model of the part with GD&T tolerances, and automatically performs results evaluation while fully complying to the chosen tolerancing standard such as ASME Y14.5 or ISO 1101.
SmartProfile version 3 is the latest release from KOTEM. It includes a host of new features to simplify complex measurement problems, making it easier than ever to confirm design intent and GD&T compliance.
How SmartProfile Works:

Import CAD Model

Apply Tolerances

Apply Tolerances

Evaluate & Report

SmartProfile supports most common CAD formats (such as IGES, STEP, VDA, and STL) and native CAD formats (using an optional module).
SmartProfile manages millions of points and reduces point numbers intelligently – with or without tip radius compensation for tactile data points. Built-in point preprocessing tools are available to accept millions of points and reduce them to a reasonable size.
SmartProfile can evaluate surface profiles or geometric tolerances against Datum Reference Frames with:

  • Compound datums
  • Pattern datums
  • Datums at MMC/LMC
  • Composit tolerance zones

SmartProfile produces results in numerical/statistical format, and easy-to-interpret color maps. Reports may also be exported to several file formats, like PDF, CSV, HTML, or plain text format.
SmartProfile allows use of all types of tolerances, and provides optimization of results with true compliance to ASME Y14.5M-1994, ASME Y14.5-2009 and ISO 1101 standards. Complete and correct analysis proves conformance even for the most complex parts.
SmartProfile eliminates the need for interpretation of GD&T standards, providing a correct solution even in the most difficult cases.

  • A wide range of operations can be performed on the 3D CAD model:
  • Dimensioning of form and/or pattern features
  • Simple assignment of Datuma
  • Easy application of GD&T tolerances on features, using an intuitive FCF editor
  • GD&T tolerances of form, profile, orientation, location and runout

SmartProfile includes a built-in scripting wizard to automate evaluation into the production line or batch evaluation. Customized scripts using Python or C# are also supported.

Technical Specs Tab

How SmartProfile works:

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the value of our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

• Measured data in the form of a point cloud is imported and overlaid on the model.
• Point cloud is aligned with the model, either manually or automatically.
• SmartProfile compares the measured data with the nominal model and determines whether the measured part is within tolerance.
• Status and magnitude of tolerance deviations are shown in a color-coded chart.
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