X-Ray SHAKE SHR 3D CT Scanners


SHAKE SHR’s Industrial 3D CT (computed tomography) family of scanner products (SHR CT50, CT130, CT160, CT190, CT240) utilized X-ray tube ranging from 50KV ~ 225KV.

By producing 2D and 3D computed dimensional representations of parts both externally and internally,  Industrial X-Ray 3D CT scanning is used in many industries for internal inspection and measurement. Key applications include flaw detection, failure analysis, metrology measurement, assembly analysis, and reverse engineering.


  • •A non-destructive test for inspection and metrology
  • •Inspection and analysis costs from first-article to production are significantly reduced
  • •Design requirements for both internal and external components are validated quickly and accurately
  • •Product quality is significantly improved to reduce the risk of recalls
  • •Internal complex features can be precisely measured without destructive testing
  • •Parts are scanned in free-state environment with no fixturing applying stresses that could damage delicate parts or display warping not present in the part
  • •For first time and rapid prototyping of the internal components, it can be completed without the daunting task of creating  CAD file from scratch
  • •Development costs are reduced in creating the first CAD model

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