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ShapeGrabber Joins the Quality Vision International (QVI®) Family

ShapeGrabber Joins the Quality Vision International (QVI®) Family


April 2014
ShapeGrabber Incorporated, a manufacturer of automated 3D scanners for industrial applications is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of QVI, the world’s largest vision metrology company.

R. Stephen Flynn, President of the Optical Gaging Products (OGP®) division of QVI said: “ShapeGrabber satisfies a need among our customers for fast, easy-to-use industrial 3D scanners that can measure complex shapes effectively.”

ShapeGrabber is a leading provider of 3D laser scanners that are particularly valuable for measuring and inspecting complex-shaped parts.The scanners are used for QC in automotive, aerospace, medical and other industrial markets to help manufacturers reduce defects, rapidly conduct first-article inspections, troubleshoot fit problems, and provide documented proof that components meet design specifications.

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