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Singapore Excellence Award 2011 / 2012

17 Nov
Optical Gaging HP

Singapore Excellence Award 2011 / 2012


August 2012

Optical Gaging Singapore received the Singapore Excellence Award 2011/2012, a prestigious accolade which recognizes the entrepreneurial elite in Singapore.  The award represents the success of OGS in communicating the values of product quality and productivity to industry. It is also an endorsement for the brand, staffs and business associates who attributed to their success.

OGP believes daily inspection is the key to improved quality and productivity. OGP products serve as quality control tools for daily inspection to reduce part defects, With continuous and methodical quality control, part defects are detected earlier, suitable corrective actions taken, resulting in less wastage, more costs savings and higher production throughput.
Today, SmartScope ZIP 250 is the preferred video measurement system used by many manufacturers around the world.

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