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The Differences Between MeasureMind 3D and ZONE3, Why Pick ZONE3 Instead?

The Differences Between MeasureMind 3D and ZONE3, Why Pick ZONE3 Instead?

MeasureMind® 3D

OGP’s MeasureMind® 3D metrology software makes it easy to measure your most complex parts. It provides intrinsic support of various sensors, as well as single and compound rotary indexers. Equip you to measure anything from simple geometric forms to complex free-form shapes on properly configured OGP measurement systems.



Looking at the latest OGP’s ZONE3® metrology software, it provides OGP systems with faster, easier, and more productive measurements than ever before. The innovative features of ZONE3 allow users to generate measurement routines effortlessly. Hence, resulting in quicker programming and run times compared to other software packages.


Why Switching from MeasureMind 3D to ZONE3?

MeasureMind 3D has been the standard metrology software selection for OGP SmartScope. Why would you consider switching to ZONE3 for your OGP systems? What can ZONE3 metrology software offer? Is it better to switch from MeasureMind 3D to ZONE3 now?


There are three main reasons to switch to ZONE3 metrology software.

1. Program from CAD

Write measurement programs faster by programming from CAD. Save time by having nominals, tolerances and measurement paths autogenerated.

2. Speed

Measure parts faster. Reduce your runtimes and setup times with tools such as Parallel Edge Processing, Optimization and AutoID.

3. MeasureMind 3D to ZONE3 Translator

The translator application converts MeasureMind 3D routines into a ZONE3 project. MeasureMind 3D routines (.rtn) can be opened in ZONE3, analyzed/edited as needed and saved as a ZONE3 project file.


Confidence in the Process

At Optical Gaging Singapore (OGS), we provide reliable, high-quality dimensional measurement tools for the most remarkable performance and precision. At OGS, we consistently strive to bring our customers innovative systems and sensors to tackle complex measurement challenges. Contact us at (65) 6741 8880 or send an email to today.

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