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The Importance of Metrology Software Training

The Importance of Metrology Software Training

Why is Metrology Software Training Essential?

Metrology software training is vital to get the most out of your metrology software products. With proper training, your employees can pick up the basics, effectively use the machines, learn about new software, and stay up to date with the latest metrology standards and trends.

Metrology software training

Expert Guidance on How to Effectively Use the Machines

Metrology education increases your employees’ confidence and competence in using the measurement machines, so you can get the most out of them. After completing the training courses, your employees are not only well-equipped for measuring jobs, but they can also start measuring the components immediately.

Optical Gaging offers online lessons for their SmartScope software. It is conducted by certified trainers with extensive hands-on experience. These virtual classes allow students to master their measurement tasks easily, anytime, and anywhere.

Proper care and maintenance for your measuring instruments

Other than learning how to use measuring metrology instruments, proper care, and maintenance for the machines are also essential for them to deliver optimal results.

During the course, trainers will show your employees how to develop a maintenance routine in the measuring lab. Some of the steps include cleaning the measuring machine, checking the filters, and qualifying the reference sensor.

Other than consistently delivering accurate measurement results, your system will run more smoothly for a longer period of time.

Upgrade Your Employees’ Skillset in Metrology

Depending on the machine type and software version, every measuring machine is different.

Formal training classes by metrology teaching professionals will help your employees make fast progress by easily understanding the different machines and complex materials.

With frequent training sessions, they can stay up to date with the latest metrology products and software functions. An upgraded metrology skillset also means they can tackle every measuring challenge.

Apply for a Metrology Training Session Today

When was the last time you scheduled a metrology training session for your employees? Optical Gaging provides formal training classes at our technical centres or on-site for various metrology and supporting software. To register your interest, contact us now at (65) 6741 8880 or send an email to



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