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Traditional vs Multisensor Measurement: Which is Better?

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Traditional vs Multisensor Measurement:
Which is a Better Choice?

As engineers, one of the more challenging situations in manufacturing would be the quality control process. The process comprises the need to fulfill the quality requirements and to ensure the entire process is within the targeted timeline.

How can we speed up the quality control process by reducing the inspection time without sacrificing accuracy and throughout? In this webinar, we provide you with tips on choosing a suitable measuring system.

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Topics that We Cover

topics Covered

Introduction to Multisensor Metrology system

What does multisensor metrology system comprises of and the standard sensor systems that are found in the market?

traditional metrology machine’s constraints

What are the possible constraints for single sensor technology comparing with multisensor metrology systems?

multisensor vs multiple machines

The time reduced with one sample inspection done with several machines compared to one multisensor system.

advantage of multisensor machine

The well-designed multisensor machine could benefit the end-users and lead to the real benefit — Saving time.

sensor technologies

The different kinds of sensor technologies and the comparison between all sensors. Which of the sensors would suit what sort of application.

choosing a suitable system

After understanding the components, you would see how well the sensors and machine integrates with the metrology software.

pairing with metrology software

The core of coordinating the multisensor system together. And keeping track of the multiple sensors data

with confidence

Metrology is crucial in an infinite number of circumstances; from the linking of human activities, the creation of standards and repeatability, to being the base of nearly everything created by man.

At OGP,  metrological understanding and application are necessary to achieve our mission of providing precision for people. Explore these videos from some of our OGP experts to learn more about metrology and the relating technologies that make our mission possible. Letting our users measure with confidence and optimize measurement capabilities on their metrology machines.

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